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Leaning into love

My legs are sore and my heart is full. Over the past two weekends I (literally) ran around photographing a festival, a convention, and a Pride parade. My body is worn out, but I’m so very grateful for the experiences and for everyone who helped make them happen.

Thank you Bryan, Freedia (and Reid, Meredith, and Nicole), Rosie, Eric (and Jeremy), and Jason for making these moments unforgettable. There’s a lot of love in performing arts. You all make me believe that. That love keeps me going.

Thanks For the Love it was Real we had a blast

Big Freedia

Keep doing your thing!

Eric Stuart

Heyyyyy, professional photographer!!

Jason Paige

You got some really special moments!


The encouragement and support I’ve received this month have been the validation and morale boost I’ve been looking for lately.

This year started with devastating loss and grief and heartbreak and turmoil. But the love I’ve felt in the past two weekends has given me some much-needed perspective and brought me back into my groove. I feel like a better version of myself because I’ve been able to lean on my community and they’ve been able to lean on me. We’re growing together.

Every time I photograph a performance, it never feels like “work” in that moment. Instead, it feels like a revelation, that these are my people and this is where I belong. When I’m shooting a show, I’m absorbing the vibes they put out and making it visual. Capturing a moment feels like time travel. I can feel a moment coming, and I reach for the shutter and squeeze. Time slows down. I frequently think I missed a shot. Then I run it back and see that I somehow caught it at just the right time. It’s simply magic.

I’ve only really seriously been doing this photography thing for a year and a half. It’s blown up so quickly, I can barely process what’s happening. It’s snowballing into something bigger than myself. I’m excited to see what the second half of this year will turn into.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Let’s rock & roll.

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