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Arts sponsorship designed for small businesses

Sponsor all eligible Play it Forward projects across the KC metro for a flat monthly rate. It’s the easiest way to support local performing arts & education programs.

100% of KC Metro

Receive sponsorship opportunities on both sides of the state line and north of the river.

Easy Budgeting

Enjoy a flat monthly rate. Choose annual billing and get one month free; annual plans start at just $91.67/month.

Ridiculous Value

Keep scrolling and see for yourself!

Be seen across KC’s performing arts community

Engage with theater, music, dance, comedy, magic, drag, puppetry, circus arts, and specialty acts.

Arts support on autopilot

Each month, you’ll be featured on all eligible Play it Forward projects (age/audience restrictions may apply).

Audience-appropriate sponsorship

Artists & organizations can choose whether or not to include sponsors intended for audiences 21+, such as for alcohol and cannabis.

Join the pre-show marketing

Our sponsor-supported services help artists expand their marketing efforts, creating a win-win situation for artists & sponsors alike.

Promotional materials

See your logo on sponsor-supported work, such as flyers, banners, and postcards.

Local Artist Websites

Avoid the clutter of traditional online ads. Your logo receives tasteful placement on our website and the sponsored sites we host.

Stay for every show

Capture audiences’ attention before and after every show with your ad in event programs and your logo on posters & banners.

Ads in Programs

Say more with an ad on the back cover of event programs. Multiple sizes available in horizontal and vertical orientations.

Logos on Posters

Reinforce your presence with items like banners and posters. A monthly sponsorship means all eligible items in all Play it Forward projects will feature your logo every month.

Be part of the after-show memories

Continue being seen

It’s common for the work you sponsored to get passed around to coworkers, friends, and family.

Make a lasting impact

Our work gets put on the fridge, hung on walls, and saved as keepsakes.

Get out in the community

Fairs & Events

Be seen at festivals, First Fridays, and elsewhere. Our tent includes a sign thanking sponsors alongside an infographic showing the impact we’ve made with your help.

Create shareable content

Share details of events you’ve sponsored along with photos of programs, posters, and other work featuring your logo, and remember to take a selfie (and tag @EFGdotXYZ) when you visit our merch booth or tent at events around KC.

Semi-Yearly Gift Drop

Opportunity to include your promotional gift in our semi-yearly gift drop to our donors.

It only takes a minute!

1. Choose your level of stardom

  • Legend
  • Idol
  • Superstar
  • Headliner
  • Prodigy

2. Be seen

Send us the artwork we need (your logo or ad). Don’t worry, we can help with this.

3. Your sponsorship begins!

Each month, you’ll sponsor as many Play it Forward projects as you’re eligible for (age restrictions may apply).

4. Share your feedback and stories!

Encourage your friends and family to sign up, too.

By supporting the arts, businesses demonstrate good citizenship, add polish to their corporate image, enhance their community’s quality of life, and promote goodwill among customers, clients, and employees.

Harvard Business Review
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