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About EFG Creative

EFG Creative is a Black-owned, woman-owned, and LGBTQ-owned photography and graphic design studio. We’re based in Kansas City, but we have clients all over the region.

We believe art is culture and entertainment is love. We help spread those good vibes by making connections in the performing arts community through visual art. EFG (Erika Faye Goering) is a member of these communities twice over as both a designer/photographer and a performing artist at many intersections at once.

Design & Music

EFG is Erika Faye Goering.

I’m an award-winning graphic designer-of-all-trades, and master of a few! Designer by day and musician by night, I play 1st violin in the Social Symphony of Kansas City, where I also serve on the board of directors as Creative Director.

I grew up surrounded by visual and performing arts. My father is a painter, sculptor, and ceramicist, my mother sang in the church choir and dabbles in piano, and my sister is a music teacher and woodwind player.

When I’m away from my computer, I enjoy roller skating, collecting Tamagotchis, and experimenting with custom instruments like my 6-course mandocello/octave mandolin/liuto cantabile/abomination. I am also a devoted auntie and spoil my nieces every chance I get.

EFG Creative is my way of combining two things I’m passionate about: making information beautiful and accessible, and spreading joy by way of entertainment. You can view my portfolio on Behance.

Business & Passion

Hi, I’m Bryan. My initials aren’t as cool as Erika’s.

I grew up stocking shelves in a mom-and-pop convenience store. Being raised in a small family business gave me a front-row seat to the struggles and perks that come with following an unconventional path.

As a kid, I began nurturing a passion for communicating through art. I learned early on that it takes a village to put something out into the world. I also learned that I’m one of those villagers who’ll roll up their sleeves and build a spotlight to shine on artists who have something to share.

Nowadays, I use graphic design to highlight the work that creative folks are doing in their community. I also make time for running, collecting audiobooks, and hanging out with our studio cat.

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