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Play it Forward

Play it Forward makes photography, marketing, fundraising, and other graphic design needs accessible for performing arts in the Kansas City metro, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and donors.


Every dollar raised by Play it Forward is a dollar that performing artists, organizations, and education programs can save on creative services.

Wide Arts Support

Theater, music, dance, comedy, magic, drag, puppetry, circus arts, and specialty acts—our discounted creative services cover all the arts.

Fits Any Size

Solo acts, troupes, or ensembles of any size, age, or skill level performing in the Kansas City metro area are eligible.

Building bridges across KC’s performing arts

of the KC Metro

Play it Forward’s reach spans both sides of the state line and north of the river.

Received Discounts

Eight out of ten of our local clients benefited from free or discounted creative services in 2023.

Serving Every Community

Across the diversity of clients and talents, one theme remains consistent: the cost of professional creative services is an obstacle.

In 2023, Play it Forward lowered this barrier for:

of our BIPOC clients
of our women-led clients
of our LGBTQIA+ clients

All our services are eligible!

All of our creative services for artists and education are eligible for reduced creative fees through the Play it Forward program.

Sponsors are thanked for their support by having their logos printed on larger items, such as posters, event booklets, and banners. Donors are thanked for their support via our semi-yearly gift drop.

Help us build something special for KC.

Become a Sponsor

Put your local performing arts support on autopilot. Play it Forward is a force multiplier for you and your community—our one sponsorship blossoms into dozens of sponsored projects being brought to fruition.

Become a Donor

Enjoy semi-yearly gift drops while helping local artists. Spread the word! Share Play it Forward with anyone who could use our services or who’d want to help. Together, let’s build something special and unique for KC.

Flexible for your needs

Audience-appropriate sponsorship

Artists & organizations can choose whether or not to include sponsors intended for adult audiences, such as for alcohol and cannabis.

Have a Photography & Design Subscription?

Sponsored work is still discounted! Get more out of your monthly services by utilizing posters, event booklets, and other items that feature our sponsors’ logos (other discounted services not eligible).

Compatible with fundraising

Reduce your costs via Play it Forward while increasing your fundraising efforts. Get creative! Bring your own sponsors and ads for inclusion in our work, sell merch, and more.

Spread the love and use sponsored work to pursue your own funding. It’s a win-win!

Choose your vendor or ours

Play it Forward helps cover EFG Creative’s costs but not our vendors’. Our clients still need to cover printing, materials, and shipping, but you can use your preferred vendor or our network of trusted partners.

Subject to funding availability

Play it Forward’s discounted services are offered as funding allows. We’re dedicated to growing this initiative, with every contribution directly benefiting the community.

Become our client


In the KC metro? Enjoy free & discounted creative services for your group or solo act. Get help with brand identity, funding appeals, marketing materials, backdrop and prop design, merchandise, website design, and more.


Teaching the arts? We want to help! All ages & skill levels are welcome. Work with us on crafting materials to help teach or promote your efforts in schools, workshops, lessons, and classes.

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