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How far we’ve come

Since the summer concert season has come to a close, I’ve been thinking about all the fun we’ve had so far this year and how much I’ve grown as a photographer.

I’ve been so fortunate to have a couple of photo gigs every month since I started doing EFG Creative full-time back in February. I went into this year thinking I’d be doing mostly design work, but the photo gigs kept coming, so I took those opportunities as they came.

So far this year, I’ve photographed a Mardi Gras celebration, Boulevardia, two Pride parades, an anime convention (and #SquirtleSummerJam), and many late-night concerts.

I still don’t consider myself a ✨professional✨ photographer (I’ll settle for semi-professional for now), but I definitely see a future in it alongside my design work.

I’m grateful for my friends (old and new!) in the performing arts sector who have given me a place to practice my craft while I figure this thing out.

As always, music is love. 💕


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