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EFG for Performing Artists

Your design studio for performing arts

S, M, L, XL

Receive creative services for your solo act, troupe, or ensemble of any size. All ages and skill levels welcome!

We play nicely with others

Bring your existing branding, photos, and artwork to us for your project. Already have a visual artist or photographer? Let’s collaborate!

Keep every dollar you raise

Raise funds via sponsors, ads, merch, and more. Unlike some companies, EFG Creative doesn’t take a cut of your fundraising proceeds.

Marketing Support

Marketing Materials

Use posters, flyers, mailers, social media graphics, and merch to promote performances, workshops, and events.

Promotional Photography

Capture performances, events, rehearsals, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to generate excitement, build anticipation, and use for future marketing materials and design projects.

Tour Materials

Keep tour posters, event booklets, social media graphics, and other materials updated when traveling.

Documentation & Archiving

Build a photo library of your performances, practice sessions, and unscripted moments of the creative process for use in artwork, social media, marketing, and personal reference.

Press Kits

Help journalists, reporters, and media outlets with their coverage of you by providing high quality logos, curated photos, and other useful resources.

Semi-Yearly Gift Drop

Opportunity to expand your audience and spread some joy by including a promotional gift in our semi-yearly gift drop for our Play it Forward donors.

Fundraising Support

Donor Appeals

Look your best for your supporters when reaching out via direct mail or email, on social media, through crowdfunding, or during special events like galas or auctions.

Grant & Funding Proposals

Add compelling typography, infographics, and visual elements to presentations, grant proposals, and applications.

Merchandise Design

Choose from hundreds of items that can be printed on-demand with your artwork, ranging from clothing, accessories, drinkware, pet products, home decor, and traditional merch like stickers, buttons, embroidered patches.

Design & Branding

Brand Identity

Receive a cohesive visual identity tailored to you or your project, including a logo, color palette, typography, and style guide that will ensure consistent, impactful branding across all platforms and media.

Backdrop Design

Provide visually striking backdrops to enhance your audience’s experience of your performance.

Props & Accessories

Need something oddly specific? Use our print-on-demand services for clothing, household goods, and merch to get what you need.

Signage & Wayfinding

Clearly show your supporters where to go, what they can do, and how they can support you. Use customized, reusable signage that looks great and reflects your brand.

Data Visualization

Create data-driven infographics to visually tell a story for use in fundraising, marketing, social media, and press kits.

Education Materials

Enhance student engagement and strengthen your brand presence with custom handouts, worksheets, and instructional materials tailored to your classes, lessons, or training sessions. Learn more about our love for education.

Artwork for albums and singles

Collaborate with us to craft a visual experience that resonates with your music and conveys the right vibe for your fans.

Digital Presence


Own and maintain control of your content while looking great with a custom, handcrafted site design.

Social Media

Create sharable content to keep your followers informed and engaged throughout the year.

Programs, Playbills, Booklets

In addition to practical information like cast and crew listings and performance order, a well-designed event booklet can offer a range of benefits for everyone.

Enrich the Experience

Share backstage stories, artist bios, production details, and other engaging content that deepens the connection between the audience and the performance.

Provide Educational Insights

Offer attendees background information on the performance, including inspiration, trivia, and historical context, to increase their understanding and appreciation.

Boost Social Engagement

Generate valuable word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging your audience to take photos (at appropriate times!) and share their experience on social media.

Create Lasting Mementos

Hand out beautifully designed event booklets that become keepsakes and collectibles for your patrons, cast, and crew, as every performance is meaningful for someone.

Gain Audience Insights

Include a survey to learn more about your fans, from feedback to demographics, and use those insights to enhance future experiences, optimize marketing, and grow your audience.

Generate Additional Revenue

Increase your event’s earning potential by including sponsor logos, acknowledging donors, selling ad space, and offering a QR code for easy on-the-spot donations.

Promote Yourself

Inform attendees about your full offerings, such as upcoming performances, memberships, donor tiers, workshops or classes, booking info, website and merch store, etc.

On budget & on schedule

Monthly creative services

Receive ongoing creative support for photography, marketing, fundraising, and design for a full season, semester, or year with a creative subscription.

Community Support

Use our Play it Forward program to receive our creative services at discounted rates for performing arts around the Kansas City metro, made possible by our generous sponsors and donors.

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