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EFG for Performing Arts Education

Whether it’s formal education, private lessons, or a supportive group of friends, if there’s learning involved then we’re excited to help.

Lessons, Workshops, and Classes

Partner with a creative studio that’s excited to collaborate on materials that aid artistic growth from childhood lessons to lifelong learning.

Public, Private, and Charter Schools

Let’s team up! Your classroom expertise combined with our specialized services will breathe new life into K-12 arts education and energize school spirit.


Collaborate with our studio in providing tailored support to emerging artists in both academic and extracurricular activities.

Clubs, Teams, Groups, and Troupes

Tap into services designed for you! We’re fueled by the unique energy of artistic groups who thrive on fun while perfecting their craft.

Creative services for performing arts


Get photos of practice sessions, performances, and candid backstage moments for use in social media, marketing, and future design projects.


Utilize posters, flyers, press kits, mailers, social media graphics, and merchandise to promote upcoming performances, educational opportunities, and fundraising efforts.


Keep 100% of your fundraising from sponsors, ads, merch, and more. Unlike some companies, EFG Creative doesn’t take a cut of your proceeds.

Other design needs

Cover all your bases with our wide range of creative services, including event booklets, backdrops, signage, and hundreds of print-on-demand items that can be used for props, accessories, and merch.

Reserve a season, semester, or year

Guarantee creative support for photography, marketing, fundraising, and design every month with a photography & design subscription.

Community Support

Play It Forward lets us offer our creative services at discounted rates for performing arts around the Kansas City metro, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and donors.

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